Phillip and Lynn Barnett
1300 River Road,

Phone:   O6 374 3555
E-mail:     kaitoa@farmside.co.nz

Welcome to Kaitoa and the Barnett families’ 102nd breeding season with Herefords. Now run at Te Mangahuia Station, located 64 km southeast of Dannevirke in the Akitio district.

Te Mangahuia is a 1174 hectare, summer dry property, predominantly easy hill country with some steeper faces, and flats that are just 20 metres above sea level.

We are currently running 80 pedigree cows and progeny. Selling yearling and 2 yr old bulls. In 2007 and 2008 we restarted our ET program using genetics from NZ and USA.

Also run on Te Mangahuia are 130 commercial Hereford cows and their associated progeny, and 5000  composite breeding ewes and their progeny. We are aiming at 150% lambing.

Te Mangahuia is run as a breeding and finishing unit currently, and depending on the season additional stock is brought in. Currently the heifers are calved out as 3yr olds allowing added flexibility throughout the whole system rather than calving at 2yrs.
The Kaitoa herd traces its origins back to 1882 to the importation of Amethyst 1st.

The Amethyst cow family 127 years later still remains a lynch pin of the stud along with the Kaitoa Lady, Princess and Leonora cow families.

Sires in use include:

Streamlands Yeti, Gay Learning Energy, Lake A131, Awhea 07380.

AI sires include:

CT Trigger 81T,  WLC Haroldsons 13p Maxx 20T

Recent bloodlines exhibited include:  

JDF 4B Exceed 5H, WLB LHF 707B, Glacier 124H,
Various Kaitoa bulls are used regularly to benchmark the breeding program.
Strong emphasis is placed on constitution, fleshing and efficiency under commercial conditions with the aim of producing a superior beef product.


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